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1. Choose Your Office Preferences

Select your office details, and desired targeted benefits to help us curate our meals for your team.

2. Plan Your Team's Week

Feel free to modify your curated meals, in your inbox at 9am on Thursday the week before.

3. Wellness Delivered

Heat and enjoy. Meals are delivered chilled for your pantry with a shelf-life of up to 10-days with refrigeration at delivery.


I got to give it to you though. Eating the food for the past week me and Natey feel much better. Not sluggish or bloated which is AWESOME!

Raviv & Nathan, Kinetx

The subtle sweetness of strawberry and buckwheat combined with a satisfying cherry cashew finish, is just the beginning. Green radish and dandelion erupts on your pallet to create a refreshing springy delight. Eating this dish has expanded my palette, and has a touch of home.

Taylor, WeWork

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